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About Wedding Albums


Are you getting married soon and hope to capture all of the wonderful memories with great photos? If so, you’ll need someplace to store the photos, so you can look back on your wedding day whenever you choose. A wedding day is full of beautiful moments that should be captured and cherished forever. You don’t want these moments forgotten, and when you look back on your photos you’ll be taken back to that romantic day that was your wedding.


The best way to store your cherished wedding photos is to have them put in an album. An album will keep the photos safe, and also display them in a creative, aesthetically pleasing way. Our albums are done completely digitally, so there is no worry that the photos will bleed or lose color over time. By using a digital platform we assure you that the photos won’t be damaged or fall out of the album and get lost.


Our digital matted albums provide you unlimited choices for displaying your photos. With different paper choices we can match your wedding colors, match the season or just go completely black. We also have a variety of different coatings and custom effects, which can make your photos, look like artwork. With your unique choices of papers and coatings, you’ll know that your wedding album will be completely original. Whether you choose a matte or shiny coating, you’ll know that your album is one hundred percent your invention.


Another unique feature of our digital matted albums is the use of DMA paper. DMA paper allows the use of interposed pages, which have been printed on art mattes. The mattes often have different textures and colors, with pages printed on metallic paper. DMA paper is the only paper, which allows print, textures, coatings and overlays to exist on the same page. This means brides can boldly match patterns with textured artwork to make a page come to life.


Once you have chosen your page look, don’t forget the album. We have several colors to choose from, and linings to complement the book. We also have four different sizes of albums and papers, which make it possible to have an album to display, one for the office and even give as gifts. For those that want to carry memories in their pocket, we even offer a convenient pocket size book to carry in your purse.


Your wedding day is often one of the most memorable occasions in your life, and those memories deserve the best preservation possible. With our albums you’ll be sure that your memories are kept safe forever.

All of our fantastic albums are made in Graphistudio Italy